The Weeknd has reportedly "thought about starting a family" with Selena Gomez.

The Weekend and Selena Gomez

The Weekend and Selena Gomez

The 27-year-old star has been dating the brunette beauty since January and their relationship has progressed serenely in the subsequent months, leading The Weeknd to think about having children with Selena.

An insider told "He has thought about starting a family with Selena at some point down the line, maybe in a few years and he has told her that he would want to have a girl because nothing would be better for him then to have a cute little Selena look-alike bouncing around.

"He's mentioned to her many times that two of her would always be better than one."

The claims come shortly after Selena revealed she sees The Weeknd as her "best friend".

The 'Bad Liar' singer - who previously had an on/off romance with Justin Bieber - has learned the key to a strong relationship is not to expect a partner to "complete" her, but rather to "add" to her already-fulfilled life.

She shared: "I don't depend on one area of my life to make me happy. It's really important for me to love and nourish my friends and family and to make sure that I never get influenced by a guy.

"I've wanted to be in a strong head space for years, and I really wasn't. Before, I was so young and easily influenced, and I'd feel insecure."

But Selena, 25, admitted she feels lucky to have a boyfriend like The Weeknd - whose real name is Abel Tesfaye - as part of her life.

She explained: "You want someone to add to your life, not to complete you, if that makes sense.

"I'm lucky because he's more of a best friend than anything else."