Will Ferrell DJed at a frat party over the weekend.

Will Ferrell DJed at a student party

Will Ferrell DJed at a student party

The 56-year-old actor was seen behind the decks at a Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity tailgate party at the University of Southern California (USC) in a TikTok video filmed on Saturday (07.10.23) before the football game against the University of Arizona Wildcats.

In the clip, Will clapped with students as he played Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger', and also spun Jay-Z's 'N***** In Paris' , as he danced with headphones on top of his backwards cap.

The 'Barbie' star graduated from USC in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in sports information and has previously delivered the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2017, as well as funding the first-ever full scholarship for the women's soccer team in 2018.

Will and wife Viveca Paulin's eldest son Magnus, 19, is currently a sophomore at the university.

The 'Old School' actor - who also has Mattias, 16, and Axel, 13, with his spouse - previously revealed his eldest child has inherited his sense of humour.

He told Parade in 2018: "Last year, for his yearbook photo, he borrowed another kid's glasses. He doesn't wear glasses. There he is with this very serious look with glasses on.

“‘Like 'Magnus, that is so subversive and funny. Totally my sense of humour.’ He's like, 'Am I in trouble?' Like, 'No, you've got to do it every year! Fantastic!'"

Will has also admitted raising three boys can be chaotic.

He previously told People magazine: "There is usually a high volume in the house. Whether they're having a great time or whether they're losing their minds, they are always yelling."

But he advised parents make the time to talk to their children.

He amusingly told People magazine: "For me, talk to your children, at least once a week.

"If you've got time, do it two or three times a week, but otherwise, I find the times where I let weeks and weeks go by without talking to my children, that adds up."

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