Cara Delevingne feels "stable" and "calmer" since ditching alcohol.

Cara Delevingne feels 'stable and calmer' since going sober

Cara Delevingne feels 'stable and calmer' since going sober

The 30-year-old model admitted being sober has been "worth every second", because she now feels "free" of the anxiety she used to experience while drinking.

She told Elle UK magazine: "It hasn't [been easy], but there have never been moments when I'm like, 'This isn't worth it.' It's been worth every second. I just don't know what it would take for me to give it up. I am stable. I'm calmer.

"Before, I didn't trust myself. I second-guessed myself constantly. There was a lot of anxiety involved. Now I just feel free of that.

"For a long time, I felt like I was hiding a lot from people who looked up to me. I finally feel as though I can be free and myself, fully."

Cara also gushed over her girlfriend Minke - whose real name is Leah Mason - and admitted being with her is one of "many things" that have led to the star being "so happy and comfortable with who I am".

She added: "My girlfriend has been really wonderful in introducing me to a lot of things and people.

"Being with my girlfriend, in this relationship, there are just so many things that came at once that have made me so happy and comfortable with who I am."

Last month, Cara told how she loved her first sober experience at Glastonbury, which she attended with her sister Poppy, girlfriend Minke and famous friends Anya Taylor-Joy and Stella McCartney.

She wrote on Instagram: "I have been going to Glastonbury since I was 15 but this year was my first sober one and it was by far my favorite.

"Filled with tears, full belly laughs, long awaited reunions and so much love. Till next time… (sic)"

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