Anthony Ogogo is working with Subway on a new campaign

Anthony Ogogo is working with Subway on a new campaign

How’s it been going since the Olympics? What have you been up to?

I've been really busy but it’s all been great fun. Doing cool things like today shooting a new Subway ad with Louis Smith to promote their range of Low Fat Subs. Building on the good PR I had at the Olympics and thinking about my next career move. It's very exciting. 

What’s the next thing you’re in training for?

I'm still deciding what direction to take my career in. Whether it’s professional boxing or remaining amateur - as of now I can’t really say. 

Other than boxing, how do you like to stay fit?

I love all sports and I'm really competitive when playing against my mates. So I like to play footy, tennis, basketball. Anything where there's a good chance I'd win. 

What fitness tips do you have?

 I recommend people to fit in a sport or exercise or gym class that they thoroughly enjoy. There’s no point bothering with things you don’t enjoy as you'll associate keeping fit as a pain in the backside. Find something you enjoy doing and throw yourself into it. 

What sort of diet do you follow?

Being a boxer, it's very strict. I compete at over a stone less than my natural walking around weight. I eat foods that are going to give me good energy for training but are also low in calories. 

Any diet tips?

Don't eat too late at night- it'll sit on you. But when you're being strict with your diet give yourself little treats. 

What advice do you have for people looking to get into boxing?

It's an amazing sport. Whether you just want to do it to stay fit, or to do it competitively - get down your local club. Give it a go, work hard and enjoy! 

Anthony Ogogo is working on the SUBWAY Where Winners Eat™ campaign to encourage an active lifestyle. He joins other great athletes as a SUBWAY® Famous Fan. With a wide range of choices on offer, there’s a Sub to fuel everyone’s day whether they’re in training or taking a rest day.

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