Cheska has recently moved with best friend Ollie Locke

Cheska has recently moved with best friend Ollie Locke

Cheska Hull is best known as a member of Made In Chelsea, she tells us about what sort of things we can expect in the Christmas Special and just what it's like to live with her best friend, Ollie Locke.

Do you want to tell us about this table7 then?

I don't know whether you know much about it. table7 is this amazing website where you can book restaurants and make amazing saving, between 20-30 per cent off your entire bill. All the restaurants are very high-end, obviously all around London and there are some of my favourites in Chelsea. (

It's a really good tool if you've got a big group of friends going out for dinner, or you're on a date because the reduction on your bill is on the whole bill - including a la carte menus, drinks, your pre-drinks before you eat as well. It's a great way of going out and eating and drinking as much as you want and getting a great discount.

Where are your favourite places to eat?

I love Eight Over Eight, which is on King's Road, it's one of my favourites and also Mew of Mayfair, that's a really fun one to go to. But then there are a load of other ones that are a bit further. Like Liverpool Street, there's MPW (Marco Pierre White's Steak & Alehouse), which is great because I love steak and it's quite nice to venture out to different places.

I'm very much like, I love going out. I actually live with Ollie and he hates to cook and I can't cook so the website is actually perfect for us, we can either go to our favourites in Chelsea, or if we want to go to new places that we haven't been too. I mean, even using the site as a bit of a tool to look at fab places to go to, you know places you haven't been to and the things going on.

Like you said, you've moved in with Ollie - how's that going?

It's really good fun, and obviously he's my best friend and we work together as well, so it's a lot of fun. Our flat is quite crazy, as you can imagine. A lot of Union Jack things going on. We love it, it's a real home.

What's it like living with a man?

You know what, I've always lived with guys actually. I get on better with boys than I do with girls, but yes, it's fine. I mean Ollie's not a typical blokey bloke. He probably wears more make-up that I do and has more cosmetics. It's quite fun really.

Yes, it's good when you want to borrow things as well?

Yes, he spends more time in the shower than I do. But you know it's lovely, we've been best friends for a long time. It's probably better than living with a girl because we don't argue and he's quite easy to live with.

In the last episode of Series 2 of the show, we see that you had an argument with Gabriella, have you spoken much since?

Well, we just filmed our Christmas Special, so we can't give away too much information at the moment. It's really difficult I think because it's real life and obviously for the show they take what's going on in our lives and they put it on camera and they make it more dramatic. It can be quite difficult, especially when you're having an argument with your best friend or boyfriend, whoever it is. It is emotional and it is hard to deal with.

Like you said, you've filmed the Christmas Special, can you give us a clue as to what's going to happen in the episode, it looks like there's a party going on?

The episode is going to air on the 19th December, it's feature-length, so it's 90 minutes, which is great because it's never happened before with this sort of show. There is a big Christmas party, which is very exciting and half of the cast go away to a secret location, which I can't reveal, they go for a fun holiday and we get to see some Christmas-y things.

Something that I can tell you, which is quite exciting, is that there's going to be a new character involved, which is my boyfriend - he's joined the show. So you'll get to meet him and it's quite nice to have a it of a romance because I've been Chelsea's Bridget Jones for the last two series. Unlucky in Love and now I have a nice boyfriend.

When do you start filming for the third series?

We start filiming in the New Year, quite early, and it's going to be airing in the Spring.

What sort of things have you got coming up, things that we can expect to see in the next series?

Obviously, I've got my boyfriend, Richie, but also, you'll see more of Ollie and I, because we're living together sort of situations with that. Ollie is going to be releasing his book, which he's writing at the moment. There will be lots of drama with everyone involved. It's really hard to predict it because each episode we film for three weeks and then it gets aired after. So much will happen even after a month, someone will break up, someone else will get together. It's hard for me to be able to tell you what's going to happen. But, obviously each series is more dramatic than the one before, so lots of tears, lots of laughter, lots of getting drunk and saying ridiculous things. And what you can always expect from Ollie, Binky and myself is, we're very loyal friends and we always have a lot of fun and I think that our characters are the fun ones from the group, I hope.

Party season is coming fast upon us, what tips do you have for surviving?

It's the winter so you're legs are going to be a little pale, Fake Bake is a great brand for that. I think for Christmas, it's the only time of year that I will ever try a pair of false eyelashes. Actually, I've got these feather extensions in my hair and they're really good fun because they're quite different and quite glamorous.

I think at the end of the day with Christmas dresses and stuff, it's always best to keep it quite simple and classic. Something like a simple sequinned dress, or red, red always looks good at Christmas.

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