Kimberly Jaraj

Kimberly Jaraj

Kimberley Jaraj is an up and coming British actress who is becoming one to watch when it comes to new British acting talent.

She has a number of films in post-production including, Airborne with Mark Hamill, and I of the Lost, which is another thriller. Both have a planned release date of later this year.

- I just wanted to start by asking you about your time at the Royal Ballet School, was that a positive time for you? What made you want to leave that?

That was very positive growing up, and it just made me so happy and exhilarated.

I came to the stage where the negative outweighed the positive, for me, and I just wanted to live a normal life and go back to school and be with my friends.

There were so many other things that I wanted to explore; I wanted to do my A Levels and I had always had a passion for acting - which I wanted to explore - but you weren’t really allowed to at ballet school because there wasn’t room for anything else, apart from the ballet.

So I made that decision when I was sixteen to quit and go back to my regular high school.

- So after quitting ballet, how easy was it to get into acting?

Well it was relatively easy to be honest I went to school and did theatre studies for A level, that’s when I realised that’s what I really loved to do.

I got my first agent at 18, when I came out from school. I just basically applied through PCR (laughs) and I just did a crappy short film and sent it off to some agents and I was lucky enough that one of them accepted me. I just started from there really.

- I have seen in a previous interview that you said that Black Swan’s portrayal of the ballet profession had some truth to it.

Well that’s something which was taken out of context, which is what journalists do.

But I meant in terms of how it is a difficult sport, and you are made to be competitive, and the whole thing is quite regimented.

- I know you have been in a number of things but what was your first acting role?

The very first thing I was in was a really small part in Wimbledon, the film with Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. (laughs) It was a great experience for the first thing I did.

- I have seen you’re going to be in a film called Airborne with Mark Hamill, what was it like meeting a real Jedi?

It was amazing, I was completely star struck. I was just trying not to act like a total nerd (laughs). It was amazing to be on set with a legend - it was the most amazing experience I just loved the whole experience of Airbourne. Now I’m finished I’m wishing that I was back there.

- I have to admit I am jealous you got to meet Mark Hamill

It was just absolutely amazing to be on set with an absolute legend. The whole Airborne experience was amazing and now it’s finished I’m just wishing I was back there.
-I’ve heard that you’re going to in the 10 year itch with Russell brand is there anything you can tell me about that?

Well Russell Brand hasn’t been confirmed for that actually, that’s been taken out of context, but he is in talks. It’s going to be a new British comedy; it’s in pre production right now, so I’m going to be in that with a few other actors from Airborne.

Then I’m doing another film with the Airborne crew which is to be filmed this summer - I’m not really allowed to talk about, but there are a few irons in the fire at the moment.
- What’s your dream role?

There is so much I would love to do! I would love to do some theatre - I haven’t done professional theatre yet so that’s something I would love to do.

I adore period dramas as well, which I think is something the British are so good at doing.

- Would you say there is anyone in particular who inspired you?

Well I grew up absolutely adoring the old movie stars, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, they were my idols. I found them so beautiful and exquisite.  And I like all the old films like High Society and Gone With the Wind and they definitely inspired me when I was a young girl.

-Finally what is your favourite film and why?
Oh that is a tough one.  But one of my favourite films is The Last of the Mohicans.  It’s just so wonderful in every way; from the score to the acting to the story, it’s just chilling.

Not many people have seen it and I just think that it’s undervalued. You should go and watch it because it’s one of the best films ever.

- Daniel Day Lewis is usually in good movies.

Exactly! Daniel Day Lewis is so gorgeous and amazing in it (laughs)

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