Beth Tweddle

Beth Tweddle

The 27-year-old Olympic gymnast is currently appearing on ‘Dancing On Ice’ but doesn’t see a future for herself on the likes of ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here’.

Boxer David Haye was on the latest series of the show in which stars cope in the Australian outback, making the headlines when he showered naked on TV, showing off his bottom for the nation to see.

Beth explained she won’t be following suit by making the jump from ice rink to jungle because she wants to retain some privacy.
She said: “I like to keep certain parts of my life private. ‘Dancing On Ice’ obviously focuses on my skating, then I can go home and shower in private.”

The athlete admitted she isn’t entirely covered on the celebrity figure skating show, but suggested it wasn’t quite as awkward as she’s used to similar outfits in gymnastics

She laughed: “No I’m not hidden but that’s what the sport is so that’s what the focus is on – and don’t forget I’m used to wearing a sparkly leotard. I love ice-skating and the whole performance.”

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