Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham are in the new Snickers campaign

Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham are in the new Snickers campaign

What was it like working with Stephanie Beacham again?

I didn't work with Stephanie, the recording was on different dates so I don't actually get infront of the camera with her.

So, how did 'working' with her come about?

I actually asked for Stephanie to be in the advert too, as they wanted another diva-ish character. I actually worked with footballers.

That must have been nice then... You've got such a great figure - do you eat many chocolate bars?

Well, I exercise. I've exercised since I was in my early twenties and I try to remain supple. In my One Woman Show, which I'm doing in March, I'm on my feet for an hour-and-a-half and I have to be pretty live, so it's called Use it or Lose it.

You're on Twitter and you have your #JoansDietTips, which is your ultimate diet tip?

Push yourself away from the table before you've finished eating the whole plate. 

You're obviously looking very well for your years, what would you acredit that to?

I think I've partially been lucky. If you're lucky enough to be given looks then it should be up to you to take care of them. I realised that from an early age, so I decided to take care of what I had with exercising, eating properly and taking care of my skin, and my body.

Do you have a strict skincare regime?

Yes, it's quite strict. I always wear make-up onmy face when I go out because I believe that there are so many pollutants in the air that can be harmful to the skin. I don't put my face in the sun, even though I sunbathe. I take my make-up off religiously, and exfoliate my face and then I always moisturise. I use quite a heavy night cream.

Are there any products that you would suggest for women to buy?

Yes, but since I'm not the spokesperson for them I won't tell you. But I will suggest that I think you can get just as good products in the chemist as you can in the department stores, where they charge 20times as much because of the packaging.

You've also got an incredible sense of style, whilst some women find themselves either dressing too young or too old - How do you find the balance?

Well, I design a lot of my own clothes and I wanted to be a designer when I was young. I have a lot of my things made. I think there is a fine line between looking frumpy and looking too young - you've got to get in the middle of that.

Any style tips?

Well, I might start doing those on Twitter, I've probably got quite a few. I think that there is a plethora of great things in our stores that you can buy, I think there are some really great High Street clothing that you can buy and I think the great example of that is the Duchess of Cambridge who dresses mostly from English designers and High Street shops, which is great.

Who would you say is your ultimate style icon?

Hmmmm... the Duchess of Windsor.

I was reading that last year at the Oscars Vanity Fair Party your dress was a little too tight and you fainted.

Yes, I had a Victorian swoon. It's what ladies used to do in Victorian times when their dress was too tight. I was there from 4.30pm until 10.30 at night. So next time I'll wear a dress that's not so tight.

Will you be attending this year's Vanity Fair party?

Yes, I hope so. I haven't had my invitation yet, but I always have been for the past 20/30 years.

Have you got any ideas for your dress yet?

No, but I think it might be something a little more comfortable than last year. Maybe a kaftan. [Laughs]

You're also part of the Academy aren't you?

Yes, I get to vote.

Have you made your votes yet?

I've made my initial votes on the four actresses and actors, the nominations and then they tabulate those and then we get another vote.

Obviously you can't tell us who you've voted for, but what have been the standout films for you this year?

One standout film, well, there have been several, but one is The Artist, the black and white French film. Jean Dujardin is brilliant.

Who do you think is a rising star that we should all look out for?

I think the girl that plays Wallis Simpson (in Madonna's film W.E.) Andrea Riseborough is a brilliant young actress and she played Margaret Thatcher in a play, some time ago. She's very versatile, brilliant.

Like you mentioned earlier, you've got another One Night with Joan coming up, how many shows is it that you've done now?

A couple of hundred I guess.

Do you change much of the format to the shows?

Yes, we're putting some new material in and getting some new clips, a few new gags. You want to change it, you don't want to be doing the same thing all of the time.

So, where will they be taking place?

I'm going to do it March 13, for a week at the Leicester Square theatre in London.

Do you want to tell us what's coming up next for you then?

I've told you about my one woman show, and my book is coming out in March, The World According to Joan, and a couple of film projects that I can't talk about yet because they're not really set.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about your book that's coming out?

It's The World According to Joan, it's my opinions on World Events, men, make-up, manners, morals, children - all of those kind of things.

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Eighties icon Joan Collins is reunited with fellow actress Stephanie Beacham in the new SNICKERS ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ advertising campaign which aired on Sunday 22nd January 2012 at 11.20am on Channel 4. To view the advert, and for exclusive content, visit

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