Laura Whitmore is working on the red carpet at this weekend's Baftas

Laura Whitmore is working on the red carpet at this weekend's Baftas

Laura Whitmore is working with Xbox on a new campaign that's helping highligh that we don't just have to use the games control for one thing, but there's plenty more on offer to us.

Most people think of Xbox for the gaming, but I’m not really into games or anything like that, but I’m addicted to my Xbox for the TV and movies. Working in TV, I don’t get a lot to watch a lot of TV because I’m never home to watch it, I’ve always been a box set lady, but now with my Xbox Entertainment with TV and movies you can watch at home when you want and as you want, so shows like Girls or Revenge I always miss because I’m never home at the time that they’re on so now I can watch them as and when I want with my Xbox.

I’m working at the BAFTAs this Sunday so I’ve just been catching up on all the new movies, like Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises which are all nominated, so I’ve been doing lots of research.

What films are you backing at the Baftas then?

There are so many that I’m a big fan of. I’ve always loved Les Miserables the musical and I was a bit apprehensive when they announced they were putting it to the big screen, but I think they’ve done a great job, Hugh Jackman was amazing as Jean Valjean. Life of Pi was visually spectacular, most of it is CGI but it feels so real. Lincoln is another amazing movie, and Daniel Day Lewis always seems to win everything that he’s nominated for. I’ve been working my way all through the movies and they’re all so different so it’s hard to just pick one.

Who are you looking forward to speaking to at the Baftas with working on the Red Carpet coverage?

You never know who is going to turn up, but I heard a rumour that Meryl Streep is going to be there, she’s not nominated for once, but I think she will be presenting an award. She is an amazing talented actress and it would be just an honour to speak to her. I’ve heard rumours that George Clooney is going to be there, and of course Eddie Redmayne, very hot property at the moment. He did a great job of Marius in Les Mis.  With the Baftas it’s A-Lister all the way.

You’ve recently been signed to Select Models agency, what have you got going on with them?

Well, I’ve just signed to them so we’ve done a photo-shoot which worked out really well, so we’ll see. I’m not a model, I’m a TV presenter, but it’s a nice thing to have on the side as well for campaigns and things like that. It’s not my main priority, but sure, why not?

Would you ever consider doing more modelling over TV?

No, I can’t shut up. When I was about 17 I done a lot of modelling in Ireland and they always told me off for talking too much. The photographer would be trying to take a picture and I’d be chatting away to the make-up artist.

You’re known as much for your style choices as well as your presenting these days, how much time do you spend choosing your outfits that you’re going to wear?

So many things are last minute, because so many different things can happen. If you have something big like the Batfas coming up then you probably have a bit longer and with I’m a Celebrity you need 21 outfits so I get to work with a stylist because it’s just impossible to get that much stuff together and especially the fact that you’re trying to get summer clothes when we’re in the middle of winter too, that’s really hard so you have to plan that ahead. But with other stuff it can be quite last minute. I’m quite lucky that some designers will lend to me, I don’t know a lot about fashion but I know what I like so I tend to read about things or a designer that I like. I’ll try and see if I can nick a dress for something.

When it comes to choosing clothing for presenting choices is it more a style choice as opposed to practicality?

Oh no practicality is always number one. On Sunday, I’m going to be on the red carpet that’s freezing so there will be thermals underneath my dress, and there will be comfortable shoes. Even when I went to the NTA’s two weeks ago I was wearing socks. My dress was really long and I was freezing, so I just put on a pair of socks underneath because no one could see my feet, so that was fine.

For personal shopping do you work with a stylist or prefer to do it yourself?

No, it’s just me on my own. For most things I try to shop myself because it’s comfortable. Sometimes I work with Angie Smith, who looks after me on I’m A Celebrity, and she makes me try things that I wouldn’t normally try and she introduces me to designers I’ve never heard of. But she knows that I’m a nightmare, I’m probably the worst client because I’m so picky and I’m so bossy. I’m used to dressing myself because on MTV we never had the budget for a stylist, so I’ve always dressed myself.

What sort of fashion trends are you looking forward to trying out in the Spring/Summer?

At the moment it’s all about yellow, I’m even wearing a yellow shirt as I speak to you. I’m not necessarily into these things because they’re on trend at the moment, you have to dress for your shape and dress for your skin tone. I’m quite pale so I can’t wear colours that will wash me out, I like messing about and enjoying fashion, I’m not too fussed about what’s in season or not. I just see something that I like and I’ll wear it.

Finally, what are you going home tonight to watch on your Xbox?

Well, I’ve started watching The Sweeney so I will finish watching that and then I want to watch Brave as well, that’s the Disney film that’s nominated for a Bafta as well.  

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