Love Island has been popular for many years, with people crowding around the TV screen to find out who's getting on, who's breaking up and if the infamous Casa Amor will ruin some of the strongest relationships built on the show.

Callum Jones is one popular contestant who enjoyed his time in the Villa immensely, and found genuine love in Molly Smith – who he now lives with!

We caught up with Callum to chat all about his time in the Love Island villa, as well as his life now away from the show and more...

Can you tell us a little bit about your time in the villa?

I absolutely loved every second of being in Love Island! if I could go back now I probably would, I’ve got the best memories of my time in there.

The best friendships I made were with Connor [Durman], Jamie [Clayton] and Finn [Tapp]. I obviously made lots of other good friends but of course there’s some of them you will be closer to than others, us boys have a WhatsApp group we still use a lot.

What were your favourite challenges?

In terms of my favourite challenges, I would probably have to say the one with the water balloons, where we were throwing them at the girls! It was hilarious.

Any particular highlights?

We had some great nights but if I had to choose a particular highlight, it would definitely be when Sean Paul turned up!

How did you feel when coupling up with Molly – what happened that made you choose her? Was there a turning point?

We just had an instant connection – I was obviously very attracted to her and we just clicked. You have to go for it when you’re in those circumstances.

Why do you think you got along with everyone so well in the villa?

I’m a really easy-going person, I don’t like drama so I think that’s why I got on with most people well.

Can you just tell us a bit about your fitness routine; what does this look like and has this changed since lockdown has started?  

I’m normally more on it when life is normal – I love going to the gym so I’m missing that. I’m still managing to work out though, despite the cold!  I’m doing 5k runs every other day and then I’ll also do bodyweight exercises and weights.

And do you and Molly workout together or do you do it separately?

We actually work out together! It's very rare we don’t work out together!

On your Instagram, you have posted a couple of photos of recipes and dishes you have made - How did you get so interested in cooking? Is this something you have done growing up?

My Mum has always been really into cooking, so maybe I’ve got it from her! I didn’t really take to it until about three years ago - and now I just love doing it! I’m always coming up with different things and thinking of things I can make.

Has being in lockdown lead you to discover any new hobbies or hidden talents?

I brought a saxophone in the first lockdown but sadly I’ve not even touched it! It’s getting dusty in the corner… I really want to get lessons, that’s one of my 2021 goals.

Keep up-to-date with Callum over on Instagram, @_Callum_Jones!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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