7 Happiest Moments:

  1. The day our daughter was born - in fact every day with our daughter. She continues to make us smile every day, especially as she grows up and her personality is beginning to really shine through. The other day she told Marvin to shave, which definitely made us both smile!
  2. Our wedding day - we are coming up to our third anniversary, but thinking back to this day always puts a huge grin on our faces. It is a truly magical feeling to be surrounded by everyone you love, sharing in your happiness.
  3. 'What About Us' reaches number one (Rochelle) - this was a fantastic day. We work so hard and the support of our fans means everything to us. To have reached number one with 'What About Us' in 2013 has to be one of the many highlights of my career.
  4. My First BRIT Award (Marvin) - when I heard JLS called out at the 2010 BRIT awards as we won British Breakthrough and British Single for 'Beat Again' is definitely one of my top moments in the band. My face actually ached from smiling so much, there's nothing like recognition for hard work in the form of a BRIT award.
  5. Birthdays in Miami - we recently took a trip to Miami to celebrate Marvin's 30th, although our birthdays are only a couple of days apart so it was sort of a joint celebration. We had the most amazing time - relaxing, soaking up the sun and some partying..
  6. Working together - we are very lucky that we have been given the opportunity to work together on projects such as This Morning and for the Wrigley's Extra National Smile Month campaign. We still have our own projects, but we do have such a laugh when we work together.
  7. Weekends at home - we lead such busy lifestyles and are often travelling, spending time apart. It is lovely when we have the time to spend the weekend at home together as a family. Marvin cooks a mean fry-up, which is a great way to kick off the weekend together.

Top Smile Tips:

  1. Chew Wrigley's Extra Sugarfree Gum after eating and drinking and brush regularly.
  2. Think of something that makes you happy, a genuine smile is always best.
  3. Have confidence in your smile, don't hold back.

As Wrigley's Extra ambassadors, Marvin and Rochelle are encouraging people to Eat, Drink, Chew this National Smile Month. For more info, visit the website: http://www.wrigley.com/uk/brands/extra.aspx

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