Dirty Dusting tells the tale of three cleaners (Gladis, Elise and Olive) who are about to be let go from their job after years of loyal service. When a call comes through in the office looking for someone to talk dirty to the person at the other end of the phone- they realise there's an opportunity to make some extra cash. So they set up an adult chat line over their last weekend in post and call themselves the 'Telephone Belles'.

Dirty Dusting cast

Dirty Dusting cast

I went to see this on Friday night at the Parr Hall in Warrington with my husband. He was certainly outnumbered- I think all the women of Warrington came out to see the show, with their glad rags on and a drink in hand- we knew it was going to be a laugh from start to finish.

From the word go- the script was slick and expertly delivered by the three central characters Crissy Rock (Benidorm), Leah Bell and Dolores Porretta generating laughs as soon as the lights went up. The chemistry between the women radiated from the stage and put the audience at ease right away so we could sit back and enjoy the jokes- which came thick and fast. Hearing women of a certain age use foul language and talk about sex is comedy gold. There were plenty of moments where the audience gasped in disbelief at just how foul mouthed and naughty these ladies could be.

Crissy Rock discusses her new role in Dirty Dusting

With a mixture of scouse, Geordie and posh totty humour, the characters were able to please the crowd as we could all relate to at least one of the ladies up on stage.

I'm sure a lot of the audience members could appreciate their predicament too so it made you root for the characters to succeed that much more.

Andy Green, who played their manager (Dave) was suitably selfish and insensitive about the upcoming job cuts- but he got his comeuppance in the end- without giving too much away- the show has a very satisfying end.

Dirty Dusting is a shining example of British feel-good comedy at its best. The perfect way to unwind from work on a Friday night is with fun and belly laughs galore and this certainly ticked all the boxes.

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