I have a confession to make- I had never seen Bill Bailey live until Wednesday night, nor had I seen him in anything on TV. So, I hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect when I entered Parr Hall at Warrington for his latest offering Larks in Transit.

Review: Bill Bailey: Larks In Transit

Review: Bill Bailey: Larks In Transit

Given that he is so different to any other comic I have seen, I admit that it took me a little while to ease into his world- but once I got on his wavelength, I was totally on board.

Bailey is not only a gifted comedian but a very talented musician too, so his show is an eclectic mix of observational humour and history interspersed with musical demonstrations on a number of different instruments. Consequently, you never know what he is going to do next and I like that he keeps you on your toes.

He clearly enjoys interacting with the audience- which they seemed to lap up and feeds off their reaction with expert timing.

A master at accents- he had us in stiches with his different impressions re-imagined on people in power- which was simple yet so effective.

It was refreshing to see a comedian who doesn’t rely heavily on incessant swearing to get the laughs. He is someone who you could bring your kids to see- although he does seem to attract an older crowd- probably because he does his own renditions of what I would call ‘dad rock’, so expect a healthy dose of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and the like.

Although it took me a while to settle into the show- it certainly gained momentum as it went along with an impressive finale.

Bill Bailey is quirky, there is no doubt about it- but he has unique brand of comedy that sets him apart from the other people in his craft.

He oozes intelligence which resulted in some of his jokes going straight over my head, but he clearly knows his stuff which has earned him respect from his fans.

Bill Bailey is an incredible talent and someone who deserves bums in seats for his efforts. Like the people we come across in everyday life- it’s the slightly odd ones who are the most interesting!