Having seen (and loved the film) I was excited to see the stage version of Legally Blonde at Liverpool Empire Theatre last night- and it did not disappoint.

Legally Blonde: The Musical

Legally Blonde: The Musical

Legally Blonde tells the story of Elle Woods- a sorority girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to law school to win him back, however once she arrives, she finds she has a gift for the discipline.

Lucie Jones could not have been more perfect for the role of Elle. She was every bit as enthusiastic and generous as her character in the movie and had wonderful comic timing. She is barely recognisable in Elle’s blonde wig given that most people will remember her as a brunette from Eurovision back in 2017. We knew she could sing, but Jones is also a gifted actor and dancer.

Rita Simons was an absolute delight as Paulette Bonafonte- and wow- what a voice! Although she plays Elle’s sidekick in the story- she held her own with some strong solo numbers which clearly impressed the audience. I certainly wasn’t prepared for such power in her voice.

The male cast were just as true to their movie characters- Bill Ward as Professor Callahan, David Barrett as Emmet Forrest and Liam Doyle as Warner Huntington III were every bit as obnoxious, sweet and confident as you remember.

The songs- although all new- were very catchy and befitting of the storyline and I was thrilled to discover they’d made a musical number out of the ‘bend and snap’- one of the most iconic scenes in the film.

I think most of the audience members were won over when the dogs arrived on stage- Elle’s Chihuahua- Bruiser and Paulette’s dog whom she rescues from her ex-lover. They both got a little stage fright but were a very cute addition to the production.

The musical didn’t follow the film exactly and, in some instances made more of a show out of the most memorable parts of the flick- namely the famous courtroom scene which was side splittingly funny, offering a breath of fresh air for those who are familiar with Reese Witherspoon version.

I left the theatre feeling pleasantly surprised. I have seen a few film-stage adaptations now and they are very hit and miss. But this will delight fans of the movie. Legally Blonde The Musical is just as funny and heart-warming as the film and I can guarantee you will leave feeling uplifted and ready to pick up the book or watch the movie AGAIN!