Well it’s that time of year again- the nights are darker and the weather has taken a turn for the worst- so we all need a giggle. Thankfully, that is exactly what we got on Saturday night at The Comedy Store at the Pyramid in Warrington.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store

Toby Hadoke was the MC on this occasion- a middle class man who dresses head to toe like your old school teacher- he certainly stands out in a crowd. But don’t let his posh voice fool you- the only thing he’s there to teach you is how to have a good time- at the expense of everyone in the front row.

I felt particularly sorry for the couple who chose to sit as close to the stage as possible. They got the brunt of most of his jokes- so a little tip- if you’re newly married- sit at the back when this guy’s on because he won’t leave you alone.

The only way I can describe the first act- Mick Ferry- is like an older and ruder Peter Kay. A loveable northerner- he is a cheeky chap you would find down the pub who gets all the laughs from the punters. He touched upon all the universal topics like relationships, parenting and getting older which are always an instant hit with the audience, which incidentally was comprised of mostly couples and middle-aged people.  The demographic could not have been a better fit for this comic.

Our second act was Larry Dean- a broad Glaswegian who has no qualms in poking fun at all typical Scottish stereotypes. He hilariously compared the northerners to the southerners after a recent visit which went down a treat because we all know how damn friendly we like to be up north and assume everyone else should follow suit.   

Zoe Lyons was up last and she never fails to brighten my night. As soon as I heard her name called, I knew I was in for a good second half. I’ve heard some of her set before, and despite knowing the punchline- it was a joy hearing other people’s reactions.

Her story about wine was certainly a hit with the audience as most of them had already drank their fair share of the stuff.

Just as Zoe was about to wrap up- a lady from the audience shouted ‘Warrington’ with great enthusiasm. Although it was entirely unplanned, she handled it like a pro and used that to form her parting jokes. What a high to end on!

After weeks of telling friends how good The Comedy Store is- a couple of our mutual friends came along and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now more of them are making plans to buy tickets for the new year offerings. Result!


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