Having your hair cut at the barbers suggests that you have some upcoming social or formal events you are getting ready for.

Volodymyr Melnyk / Alamy Stock Photo

Volodymyr Melnyk / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you are preparing for a special date in the diary and want to look your best.

It’s possible you feel like a change in your appearance and the dream is telling you to give yourself a makeover.

Having a haircut implies that you will suddenly change your mind about something. It’s possible something you had your heart set on is no longer relevant or important to you.

Going to the barbers represents loss- so it’s possible you are about to lose something in your waking hours. You may be prepared for this loss and it might be of your own doing- or perhaps it will come as a surprise.

If you were chatting with the barber- be careful not to spread any gossip that you hear. It’s not yours to tell and it probably has no truth to it either.

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On the flipside, be careful who you trust, for someone might be spreading gossip about you. A person you thought was a good friend might be slandering your name behind your back.

If the barber was shaving you and cut you- be wary of scams as they will bring you lots of harm in the long term.

Are you cutting something close? Perhaps you are leaving things until the last minute. Although it may have worked for you till now- you may get caught out in future. It might be wise to give yourself more time and prepare for things just in case they don’t go your way.

Consider the phrase- ‘trim down’- do you need to cut back on something in your life? Perhaps you do something to the excess and you need to reduce it before it effects your health, wealth or happiness.

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If your whole body was covered in hair then you may be protected by someone or something in your waking hours. On the other hand, it could be that you are clinging onto something from the past and it may not be serving you now as it once did. If you were at the hairdressers having your hair cut then you may have some negative attitudes that you need to rid yourself of. Perhaps you would benefit from a new outlook on life by relieving yourself of something you’ve been unnecessarily holding onto. It can also represent a fear of losing control...

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