Bats are symbolic of shadow and the night-time, they are often associated with evil so it’s possible you are experiencing some dark thoughts lately or feel you’re being influenced by some negative force or dangerous person.

Volha Yarmolenka / Alamy Stock Photo

Volha Yarmolenka / Alamy Stock Photo

Due to the abundance of vampire films- bats now have a reputation for invoking fear- so you may be frightened of something or someone in your waking life too.

If a bat was flying towards you in your dream, something negative and out of your control is coming your way. However if the bat or bats were flying towards someone else, then something bad might happen to them in the near future. Do they need your help or protection? 

It’s possible you are blindly entering into a situation or deal in your waking hours or are in the dark about some aspect of it and should gather more information before making your final decision.

If you saw a vampire bat in your dream, then someone in your waking life might be draining you of your confidence or even your resources. Think about all of your relationships- are any of them taking their toll on you? If so, it might be time to distance yourself from that person and surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself and give as well as take.

Bats have very sensitive hearing, so this could indicate that you are overly sensitive to or very perceptive of other people’s problems, which can mean you become too involved in the lives of others- sometimes over your own. Is it time to focus on your own needs for a while rather than the needs of those around you? Especially if they don’t appreciate your sensitivity towards their issues.

As bats fly- perhaps you are feeling free of something- a negative influence, a responsibility, a burden, a worry- whatever it might be has been lifted from your shoulders and you feel liberated as a result.

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