When you dream about a bird flying or chirping, it’s thought by most to be a good sign- a positive one of liberation from limitations or boundaries.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You might feel like you’ve been freed of something lately- a relationship, a job, a responsibility or even a psychological burden. To put it simply- it might feel to you like you’ve had a huge weight lifted from your shoulders in your waking life.

Perhaps you are reaching and aiming high for your dreams and goals and it feels good to finally be going further than you have before. However, if the bird flew too high, you may be striving for something that is outside of your capabilities and you might need to be more realistic.

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If you have yet to pursue your ambitions then this dream could be telling you that you have choices and possibilities and are not restricted by anything or anyone once you make a decision.

If the bird was in a cage, then you may feel like you’re trapped in something during your waking hours and are looking for a way out.

If the bird was singing then you could be due some good news or are feeling a general sense of joy and happiness at present.  

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This could mean that you will fight with fierceness and courage in order to reach your goals. Your understanding of life is that you need to fly high or you will never achieve your dreams or overcome the challenges you will face along the way. For some, the eagle could be a representation of your patriotism. In other words, you have a great love, devotion and attachment to your homeland. Are you doing all you can to express this sentiment? Perhaps there is something more you could be doing to show your appreciation for where you live. Alternatively, your openness about your dedication to your country might be a little too passionate for some. Do you need to dial it back? If the eagle was chained or trapped in your dream, then you might be feeling restrained or confined in a particular area of your life right now and yearn for some freedom. Perhaps you don’t think you can express your true self to people...

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