If you dreamed of planting a bean, it’s possible you are willing to do the hard work now in order to benefit from it in the future. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you know something you’re about to invest in won’t bring you rewards right away. The point is- you are making the first steps and that should feel positive for you.

Another reason for dreaming about a bean is the realisation that sometimes it’s the simplest of things that have the biggest impact on your life. It’s possible you have recently found pleasure in something inexpensive or even free and it has questioned your attitude towards material possessions.

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Beans can also be an indication that you desire more excitement or interest in your waking life. Perhaps you feel like your life lacks variety and spontaneity.

Beans are also thought to relate to fertility, so if you have been thinking of starting a family of late or talking about someone else’s family; this could be why.

If you were picking up beans in your dream, perhaps you are frugal and thrifty in your waking hours and it’s affecting your relationships or maybe your subconscious was telling you to be careful with your money and dial back your spending.

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If your mouth was full of dry coffee- it's possible that you are trying to accept a decision you've made of late and finding it difficult. Or perhaps you are struggling to say something you really feel because you’re worried about how people will react nor can’t find the right way to let it out. If you were trying to make coffee and something was making it harder- like no spoon, a broken kettle or no coffee- this could be an indicator that you are trying too hard to impress others and neglecting your own needs. Or it’s possible you have aspirations to do something but feel you lack to the tools to do it. Perhaps you feel you need more training or practice in something to help you move forward or the support of those around you if you think that’s lacking. Another thought process is that you're often the one who stimulates conversation with groups and creates a buzz about particular events or topics. This might work particularly well for you in your place of work to keep the morale high. It could also be a source of irritation for some so it might be worth judging it accordingly...

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