Consider how you felt in the dream with your best friend- if you were fighting or quibbling, it’s possible you are spending too much time with them in your waking hours and you need some space from each other.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you sense that they need to talk to you or you need to discuss something with them, so your dream is giving you the nudge to make contact and see how they are or confide in them about whatever is on your mind.

Such riends tend to bring out the best in you- that’s why they are your closet friends after all- so it’s possible that you need to focus on more of your positive characteristics. Allow them to shine, even when your friend is not around- unleash them with others too.

If your best friend is also your childhood friend, the dream could be telling you to be more playful, engage in more fun and be nostalgic with one another as you are the only two who share these memories.

A best friend may by symbolic of favouritism- think about how this theme might be relevant in your waking hours right now. Are you favouring someone or something in particular at present?

It’s possible you are going through something currently that you would tell your best friend but you can’t. Perhaps you need to keep this thing to yourself for once or you are unable to make contact with them right now.

A dream involving your best friend might be a reminder to acknowledge the special qualities that they have- perhaps you need to adopt some of these qualities if they are things you admire and aspire to.

An ex-best friend in your dreamscape means you yearn for someone in your life again whom you can trust and talk openly with.

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