Butter is associated with feasting and indulgence so you may be overdoing things in your waking life and need to be more sensible with your consumption or your general lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

On the other hand, it’s possible you crave a more indulgent lifestyle but don’t have the willing or the finances to fulfil this dream. Not all indulgences have to cost the earth so it might be worth thinking about little ways in which you can treat yourself.

If you were spreading butter in your dream then you may overcome any obstacles that are coming your way. Alternatively, you might have already smoothed out any potential issues because you’re a forward thinker.

Another thought is that you are trying to butter someone up in order to make a situation better or perhaps you want something from them and you see this as a means of getting your way.

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Churning butter in your dreamscape, can be reflective of the hard work you’re investing in something during your waking hours. It could well pay off even if it feels difficult and demanding right now, so your subconscious might be telling you to keep going.

If you were cutting butter easily in your dream, this could mean that you have found life to be simple lately and perhaps you are wondering if it’s all too good to be true. It might be wise not to get too complacent if this is the case.

If you were melting butter, then you may need to show your softer side to someone at work or at home as it could be giving them the wrong impression of you or pushing them way. Melting butter can also indicate something that will cause a temporary doubt in your mind or glitch but it won’t last for long.

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It could also be that you are full of good intentions but you are simply not able to communicate them in the right way and everything seems to be coming out wrong lately. It’s possible this has resulted in one or many misunderstandings and you want people to hear the truth that you’re trying to convey. It may have even resulted in some broken relationships, which you want to repair. Peanut butter can refer to your desire for an easy life. You may have little or no attachment to people or things and there is not a lot you would consider to be important in your life. Perhaps you are carefree and don’t get too concerned about things in general, you may try not to let things get to you even when they are. Or maybe you lack respect for certain situations and could do with being more thoughtful and considerate of others... 

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