Dreaming about fruit has different meanings depending on the state of it in your dream.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Dreaming about rotten fruit that’s infested with insects and worms could be a bad omen- you have missed out on a life changing opportunity or a close relationship is about to go sour.

However, ripe fruit indicates something good is about to come your way- growth, abundance and gains.

Ripe fruit is also a sign that you are ready for a new venture. The seeds in fruits are particularly meaningful as they are synonymous with new beginnings. Perhaps you need a fresh start or a clean slate to feel ready to move on.

It is also considered by some to mean fertility and conception- you are ready to have a child or want one.

Unripe or green fruit means you aren’t ready for something but you will be- you just need to give it time. On the flipside- you have been too hasty with something and disappointed by the result.

Overripe fruit is a reminder that you have waited too long for something and the opportunity is not as good now as it once was. Are you prepared to settle for less?

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It is also thought to prompt you into collecting your rewards while they are at their prime.

Seeing fruit in your dream generally means good health, wellbeing and abundance. You are in a good place in your waking hours- physically, mentally and financially. Don’t take it for granted.

If you were buying or selling fruit in your dreamscape then you may be wasting your time on a pointless endeavour. It might be time to look for something more productive to do.

To eat dried fruit in a dream is linked to feelings about aging. Perhaps you dread getting old or perhaps you are concerned about infertility and this worry has filtered through into your dreams.

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If you see or eat cream in a dream it might be because you have an appreciation for the small and sweet things in life rather than always looking for big milestones and grand gestures. It can also be symbolic of richness- so perhaps you feel your life is rich right now- rich in people, rich in experiences and rich in money and there’s very little you would change. Perhaps you are envious of someone else who appears to have a rich life because this is something you also want. If the cream was whipped, it could represent a situation in your waking life that appears to have no downsides. From the concept, right through to the result there have been no hitches.  Perhaps something is going well and you never expected it to... 

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