To dream about love or being in love suggests that you have some intense emotions for someone in your waking hours.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It might also refer to how content you feel with a partner or more generally in life at present.

On the flipside, perhaps you aren’t getting as much love as you’d like and you long for this feeling.

If you saw a couple who were in love in your dreamscape, there is a good chance that you will be successful in your endeavours.

If your friend was in love with you in your dream, perhaps this is something you genuinely want to happen. You may have developed feelings for a friend and are wondering if they feel the same way.

Less romantically- perhaps you have simply adopted certain traits of your friend into your own personality.

If you see your lost love, then you may be looking for all the things your present relationship lacks- excitement, fun and freshness for instance.

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If someone was telling you that you aren’t loved, this suggests you have personal feelings of being unworthy which could arise from low self-esteem. The dream could be telling you to work on this if it is holding you back in life.

To dream of being in love might represent something in your life that feels good right now- this doesn’t have to be a relationship but something else that brings you joy.

If you were in love with a celebrity- this might signify your desire for soemthng you can’t have. It could be time to shift your focus elsewhere as wanting it is simply not enough.

To fall in love with a stranger is linked with positive feelings you have towards new experiences, the acceptance you have for new traits in yourself or new feelings.

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