One interpretation when you dream about milk is that you are making a decision you think will make you stronger and you believe is good for your family.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Do your research and weigh up all the options, as this might not be the case and could end up being detrimental to you and those you care about. 

It is common for pregnant women to dream about milk as this is a baby's first food. A milk dream is believed to represent selflessness, motherhood and love. If you were giving somoene milk, then you may think a lot about this person and feel the need to protect them. 

If you dream of sour milk, it’s possible someone in your waking life has put a dampner on things lately and you feel deflated. Are you the one who is trying to sour something for someone else? If so, is it worth the energy? 

Are you putting a great deal of effort into something that you know won’t succeed? Something that has already gone bad? 

If the milk was hot, you may endure some struggles initially in a situation however they won’t be forever and things will calm down eventually if you are willing to have a short, sharp burst of hard work.

Milk can also be a sign of innocence and purity. It’s possible you feel that this is being tainted by something you’re doing or someone you’re choosing to spend time with. Or maybe you are the one who’s tainting someone else’s reputation with things you’ve said or done.

If you were bathing in milk, it’s possible you are in a very comfortable financial position right now or are about to receive an uplift at work or windfall.

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