If you see a macaroon on your dream it’s often because you have recently had a well-rounded experience which has given you a new interest or a new skill.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Alternatively, you might crave the feeling of completeness or want your life to be more varied. The dream could be telling you to seek more fulfilling experiences or reflect on what you have learned from a recent one.

In-keeping with this theme- if you are a woman dreaming about macaroons- it could refer to your body or your figure. Perhaps you feel you are too rotund and need to shed a few pounds. Your shape might be worrying you if you are carrying weight in the wrong places. On the other hand, you might be proud of your curved figure and need to show it off more.

You might be successfully balancing all aspects of your life right now and are consequently in a good place.

Another interpretation is that you can expect good things to happen in the near future or you will receive good news so if things aren’t going your way right now- hang on in there because they should get better.

Macaroons are thought to represent money and success so perhaps your business is looking up, you are in a more stable financial position or you are finally free of debt or a monetary burden.

Macaroons are also synonymous with happy family gatherings and good friendships- are you due a get together with your folks or your mates? Do you miss them and the times you shared? Do you need to make a conscious effort to recapture those times? Or do you regularly meet up and the dream is acting as a reminder to count your blessings that your family life and friendships bring you such happiness?

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