If you don’t live in New York in your waking hours, but dream about the city, it symbolises your desire for a more fast-paced lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you crave something a little more exciting, glamorous or sophisticated in your life if you are bored with what it has to offer right now.

On the other hand, maybe you lead this kind of life already and you are finding it hard to keep up with the demands- things are moving too fast for you.

Perhaps you need to slow down and learn to be more patient. If you continue at the pace you are going- it’s possible you will feel alone even when you’re surrounded by many other people because you are missing out on the important things like valuable human interaction.

New York city can be a lonely place if you found yourself without any friends or companions. So the dream could be telling you that whatever you take on either personally or professionally, you will probably have to do it alone.

It’s possible you are looking for more success in your career and as New York is associated with opportunity, this could be why it featured in your dreamscape.

New York is also known as ‘The Big Apple’- so the dream could be urging you to eat more healthfully.

You may not want to move to New York specifically, but perhaps you yearn to live in the city or have a new and different kind of lifestyle to the one you are used to.

Alternatively, you may just want to vacation there and always have- it’s been a dream of yours to tick it off your travel bucket list.

If you saw the skyline and the Statue of Liberty, it’s possible you have a desire for more freedom if you think someone or something is holding you back.

The bright lights of New York City could be flashing to give you a message- a solution to a problem- so pay attention to what they were highlighting.

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