If you dream about being a patient, it might be linked to you or someone else needing to deal with or fix a problem.

A patient in a hospital bed - Cr Pixabay

A patient in a hospital bed - Cr Pixabay

Perhaps you feel too weak to cope with someone or are having difficulty in recovering from a recent event.

More negatively, if you dream about being a patient, perhaps you feel like a victim at present.

It could also refer to an area of your life that needs fixing or healing. Or indeed a part of you that needs to heal- either emotionally or physically. Whichever it is- it might take some time.

Even if you feel like you have healed- your subconscious is telling you to take it easy. So, trust your body and your mind to know when it’s finally ready to move on from a break up, a death or a disappointment in your life.

The dream could be a pun urging you to be more patient when it comes to waiting for something or with people in general. Good things come to those who wait so being patient might bring great rewards.

To see yourself as a patient could be telling you that whatever plans you have will be delayed- but you may get help form others once the plan is back on track.

A patient dream is an encouraging sign that you can ask others for help if you feel you need it. This dream is giving you the green light to ask for some assistance if you can’t do something alone.

If you were being taken from the hospital to your home for recovery, then your priority in your waking hours is health and safety. You don’t want to end up a hospital bed so you make every effort not to and you see home as your ongoing place of safety.

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