When you dream of being in a pharmacy or drugstore, it’s possible you are recovering from an illness in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about a pharmacy

We find out what it means to dream about a pharmacy

It could be related to what’s been monopolising your thoughts if that has been your health and your future.

Another interpretation is that you are showing or proving to someone that you have a problem, either with them, someone else or in your life.

Perhaps someone doesn’t believe something you said or did and you feel the need to give them proof or they’ve asked for it.

Pharmacies can also signify your need for discretion, privacy and confidentially if you feel embarrassed or sensitive about a situation or health issue in your waking hours.

It’s possible you are concerned about your health if you’ve recently had a diagnosis from a health professional or you are headed for more tests to find out what your symptoms could be.

More simply, you might already know that you aren’t taking enough care of yourself right now and need to make some changes to improve your physical or mental health.

It could be warning sign to you to make some changes in order to improve your general health, either by looking at your diet or exercise or both.

Source: www.dreampedia.org



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