When you see a pig in your dream, it's generally thought to represent greed or selfishness. It's possible that you have been thinking about only yourself lately and need to extend your focus to those around you, if you have been insensitive to their needs recently.

We find out what it means to dream about pigs

We find out what it means to dream about pigs

Pigs can also signify gluttony or overindulgence so if you feel you have been taking things to the excess lately, it's possible you need to cut back and regain some self-control.

Or you may be dealing with people in your waking life who want more than their fair share of money, time or food for instance and their 'hoggish' behaviour is having an impact on you.

If you like pigs but see a dirty fat one in your dream it's possible you have misconceptions about certain things in your waking life. What you believe to be a reality might in fact be different.

Pigs can also represent a relationship with a man in your life who often displays sexist or arrogant behaviours- whether he knows it or not you think he's a pig.

If you heard a pig squealing in your dream, you might be getting some news that you will need to act upon quickly or an opportunity might pass you by.

If you are a vegetarian and were eating a pig in your dream- perhaps you're finding a situation in your waking life to be unacceptable or distasteful. Do you need to speak up? 

Source: www.dreammoods.com



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