If you dream of reading poetry, it’s possible you are feeling inspired right now to do something creative with your time.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may have come to the realisation that you need to nourish this side of yourself or you will deny your soul and your spirit of something that they thrive on.

Alternately, it could be indicative of idealistic notions- perhaps you wish for a better way of living- you have beautiful ideas of how you would like to live your life. Does the perfectionist in you mean that you are setting your standards too high?

More negatively, you might be striving for something that can never be achieved. There are many tales of failed poets so be mindful of what you realistically can and can’t have in life. If you were writing a poem or were a poet, you may fear some financial difficulties in the future.

Or maybe you are missing something because you are too focused on the picture you’ve created rather than looking at what’s actually going on in front of you.

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Another thought is that you need to improve lines of communication with someone in your waking hours. You might want them to feel good if you’ve recently said something that hurt or offended them. Or maybe they need to hear some positive words to make them feel better.

If you were reading your favourite poetry in your dreamscape, this is a good omen of joyous times to come.

To write a poem in a dream denotes a need to express your feelings and deepest emotions that you may have kept hidden. It might be time to write them down in a journal or indeed in a poem to release any pent up negativity.

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If what you were reading was very similar to your own life, you may be looking for insights into your behaviours and your reactions to situations if you are unsure of where they arise from. Consider the type of book, paper or piece you were reading and who wrote it- it’s possible the dream is telling you to seek out some expert advice if the writer was a person of authority. Perhaps you are uninformed or naive about a subject in your life right now and the dream is urging you to read up on it before you make any decisions based on what little you know at present. Reading can also represent an open mindedness. Perhaps you are someone who is genuinely curious about the world and likes to gain as much information as you possibly can...

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