To dream of raisins could be a metaphor for someone you see as old and shrivelled in your waking life. Perhaps you are worried about someone who you might describe this way such as an elderly relative or maybe you are feeling like this yourself.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

As raisins are dried, perhaps you are focusing on something that has dried up, or something from your past like a relationship with a friend, relative or lover that is lacking what it once was. Could you make the first move and get back in touch?

Maybe you feel that something in your life will dry up soon; money, youth, opportunity, work- whatever you hold dear and you live in constant fear of losing it because you feel it’s imminent.  

If you were eating raisins in your dream, then you may lack energy right now and you are craving a quick fix to make you feel more engaged. Be careful as a sharp burst of life might drive you in directions you wouldn’t normally go in. It might be wiser to introduce new things gradually and give yourself a real chance to get used to them.

If you were eating cake that contained raisins then perhaps it's acting as a reminder that life is full of sweetness and surprises but it can’t be like that all the time. You need to remember- you have to get through the rest that life throes at you to appreciate and find the sweet spots.

Finally, raisins can be interpreted as the darkening of your hopes and dreams. Perhaps someone in your waking hours is trying to dampen things in your life. Alternatively, you might be a negative thinker and always focus on the dark rather than the light in situations. Try to look on the bright side as this might be hindering your progress before you’ve even really begun.  

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