Dreaming about a rock is commonly associated with the phrase- ‘solid as a rock’.

We find out what it means to dream about rocks

We find out what it means to dream about rocks

Rocks are symbols of strength, stability and permanence. Perhaps you aspire to be a person who’s reliable and always there for others. Or maybe you are already like this and the dream is urging you to be there for you too if you are putting everyone else before your own needs.

Consider what you might be laying the foundations for in your waking life- perhaps you are trying to provide some solid groundwork for a relationship, your professional life or for your future. Is whatever it is worth your time and effort?

More negatively, as rocks are so tough- they also represent stubbornness in people- possibly in yourself. Is this driving people away?

If you were climbing a rock in you dream, then you may be a determined and ambitious person who doesn’t stop until you achieve what you want in life. If the rock was steep then you may encounter some obstacles along the way but you probably won’t let the phase you.

If you were hit by a rock in your dream, then someone might be trying to humiliate, criticise or insult you in your waking hours. Perhaps they have caught you of guard- either way- is it time to put a stop to their taunts?

If you were the one who was throwing the rocks- then you may want someone else to fail. It might be worth examining where these feelings are coming from and tackling the route cause before acting out on someone else.

If you were walking across rocks in your dreamscape, then you may be on rocky ground right now. You are in an unstable situation. The dream could also be telling you not to get too comfortable where you are as change is always afoot.

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