If you or someone else was smiling in your dream, it shows that you or they are pleased or content with a situation.

Smile! Unsplash

Smile! Unsplash

Perhaps you feel good about the way something has turned out. You are happy with the outcome because you were worried that it wasn’t going to end positively.  

It can also signify approval or acceptance. Perhaps someone has shown to you lately that they are happy with where you are and where you’re headed- a boss maybe? Or your partner has expressed how happy they are with you- to name a couple of examples.

If there was an evil person smiling in your dreamscape then you may be worried about potential embarrassments in your near future. On the flipside, you might be pleased at someone else’s failures and weaknesses. It’s possible you are unwilling to express this smugness when you’re awake because you’re worried about how people will see you.

A sad smile could mean that you are putting on a front and pretending in order to hide your true feelings. Or perhaps you have got something you yearned for but not in the manner in which you wanted to attain it.

If you feel like you’re settling for something that isn’t your first choice- this could be why you dreamed of a sad smile. It’s possible you feel this way but you don’t want to tell anyone you haven’t got what you really wanted because it might seem ungrateful.

A fake smile could be a warning to you not to fall for things that seem attractive or appealing on the outside when they might not be deep down. Be careful who you trust.

If someone was smiling at you- there could be people in your life who have good intentions, who are trying to cheer you up or inject some humour into your life. It could be the right time to let them if you’ve been feeling low lately. Don’t push such people away if you know you need their positive influence around you.

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