When you dream of new tiles on the wall in your own home- this can indicate a period of financial security or that you might be coming into some money you never knew you were entitled to. This money could enable you to make some overdue changes in your house.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the tiles were broken, however, then you need to be careful and not take any risks with anyone or anything in your waking life. If you do- the relationship or the situation could end up in pieces. Whatever it is might be impossible to put back together again if it’s tampered with so it might be best to leave them or it well alone.

If you were putting the tiles on the wall- perhaps you feel you have to uphold some illusion of perfection for someone at work or at home. Are you afraid to be honest about the negatives in your life? Are you only willing to showcase the positives? If so- why? Or are you trying to protect someone else by pretending everything is rosy when it’s not?

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Tiles can also signify a division in some area of your life. A misunderstanding amongst family members or an emotional divide between you and your romantic partner for instance.

Maybe on the outside your family seems to be perfect- but onlookers have no idea that behind closed doors you all have very differing attitudes and morals that cause constant conflict. You might need to be the person who breaks down these barriers and walls that have been put up between them and encourage your relatives to start a dialogue and find a way to compromise.

Marble tiles are synonymous with luxury and wealth so it’s possible you crave more luxury in your life at times or you are envious of someone who appears to lead a very lavish lifestyle.

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If part of the pie was missing then maybe you feel you aren’t reaching your full potential or are missing out on something in your waking hours. Or it’s possible you think someone else is taking something away from you either openly or behind your back. You might feel the need to self soothe or crave some contentment if you are in a negative place or have received some bad news lately. You may feel in the mood to overindulge or alternatively, you may have indulged too much recently and need to dial things back a bit. Another interpretation is that you have dreams that go way beyond the possible- it might be time to be more realistic in your aspirations rather than having ‘pie in the sky’ ideas... to read more click HERE 

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