If the tree was lush and green in your dream, this could be a symbol of hopes and growth. You may have seen this in your dreamscape if your life is looking up right now.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Trees are considered to be a sign of strength, protection and stability. This could be something that’s lacking in your life at present and you yearn for these traits in yourself, in your life or from someone else.

If the tree was bare, it’s possible you have used up all your energy on a person or project and have nothing left to give. It might be wise to have some rest and look after yourself for a while.

If the tree was dead or dying- it's likely your hopes and dreams have had a setback or are no longer possible. Do you need to find another tree to climb?

Dead trees can also be indicative of infertility so perhaps you have just found out that you can’t reproduce or someone close to you can’t have children and it means an end of your family line.

If you were climbing a tree in your dream then you may be reaching high and achieving your goals in life. Take notice of the speed in which you were climbing. If you were doing it fast then you are getting to where you want to be quickly. If you were pacing yourself then you are going in the right direction but you are doing it more steadily.

To see yourself sitting under a tree alone then you may need to take some time out to think. Consider where you are now and where you want to be or perhaps you have an important choice and you’d prefer to make it without any other influences affecting your decision.

Was your partner sitting and talking with you under a tree? If so, you are thinking about the state of your relationship. Perhaps you need to talk to each other more about the health of your partnership. On the flipside, if you were enjoying the company of your partner, there may be nothing to say- it could just prove that you are happy with your partner and your current domestic situation.

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