Dreaming about a bomb going off is often about your ability to contain your extreme, often explosive feelings and use your energy for more worthwhile pursuits. You are not afraid that you will break and express them because you know it won't help anyone or anything.

Dream meaning

Dream meaning

Perhaps you have felt passionately about something of late, but you know that expressing your discontent to its fullest might not get you anywhere fast. Rather- you channel these emotions into transforming yourself as opposed to attempting to change other people and their behaviour.

It could also be reminiscent of an explosive situation you have found yourself in at work or at home. Perhaps you are aware of an upcoming feud between two people close to you or in your workplace and you feel it's going to be ignited at any time. Is it best that you stay clear of the whole thing? 

Another interpretation is that you have experienced some shocking or life changing news or an announcement that has surprised you within your family unit or elsewhere in your life. Perhaps you are trying to cope with the aftermath and get things back to normal. 

If someone has been in a bad mood lately then it may be your mind telling you that it's time to come out of it and perhaps it's you who needs to help them escape it's grasp.

By going into the aftermath of the bomb blast it could mean that you are eager to pick up the pieces if the people concerned in the 'explosion' mean a great deal to you.

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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