Each holiday in the calendar is becoming more and more commercialised, especially since lockdown with people wanting to make the most of the smaller celebrations throughout the year. Pinterest and shopping sites are awash with personalised Easter baskets, bunting, candles, books, games, clothes and more. It’s tempting to get swept up in it all and part with your cash but if you want to follow a more minimalist path this Easter here are some things you can do that don’t involve bringing a whole new raft of items into your home. 



  1. Easter egg hunt: The great thing about Easter eggs is they are consumable so besides the recycling, there is nothing left over to remain in your space post Easter. Even if you don’t have kids, this can be a fun way to pass some time when the weather is nice. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, place the eggs in sturdy bushes, on garden furniture and in plant pots and once they are all found have a rest and tuck in! Just be sure to get wrapped ones so they stay clean. 
  2. Easter lunch: If you are gifted in the kitchen- why not roast a leg of lamb and serve it with all the trimmings or a vegetarian alternative if your guests don’t eat meat? Serve it to your nearest and dearest and enjoy some time eating, talking and drinking around the table for a few hours. If your partner is the cook in your house, you can always be the hostess and look after drinks, setting the table and tidying everything away afterwards. 
  3. Bake: Melt down some Easter egg chocolate and make crispy cakes or buy some suitable decorations like Cadbury Mini Eggs to put on top of cookies and cakes to feast on once they’ve cooled. 
  4. Watch an Easter movie: Rise of the Guardians or Hop could be just the ticket if you are looking for something lighthearted to watch after your meal and suitable for if you have kids too! Snuggle up together and enjoy some of your Easter treats while you watch. 
  5. Only exchange consumable gifts: While there are cuddly chickens and rabbits adorning the shelves in the shops right now and PJs with appropriate Easter designs- try to go for things that won’t stick around like chocolate, cakes, Easter inspired teas and hot cross buns- items that can be consumed if not on Easter weekend but over the coming days/weeks. As soon as you enter the realm of buying non-consumable products, this can be a slippery slope to acquiring things you don’t need.  
  6. An Easter walk: Choose a place you have never been to before or select a firm favourite, pop on your waking shoes and take a stroll. Whether you live with your partner or have children, you will all benefit from the fresh air, so work up an appetite for your Easter meal or burn off some calories after eating all that chocolate! The National Trust is opening their gardens to visitors (make sure you book first) if you want to make a change to your local park or trail where you can hunt for clues and get a treat if you complete them all at the end. 
  7. Host an Easter Quiz: If your family is far away, why not do a bit of research and put together a quiz for you all to take part in? You can ask questions about religion, movies, traditions, chocolate- anything related to the day. The winner can enjoy an Easter egg or perhaps the satisfaction of knowing more Easter trivia than the rest of your family will be enough!

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