To dream about a Bank Holiday suggests that you are looking forward to some sort of break or respite in your waking hours. 

Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you have been working hard lately and this time off can’t come soon enough. On the other hand, are you due some time away from work? Is the dream telling you to book a vacation? 

Think about what you will be doing over this Bank Holiday- have you been planning your celebrations for a while now? If so you may have dreamed about it because you want everything to go well and for everyone involved to enjoy themselves. Do you need to calm down a little? What will be will be- try to enjoy yourself as well- you have done as much as you can at this point. 

A Bank Holiday might represent some sort of bonus in your waking life. Something you didn't ask for but were afforded anyway. Try to make the most out of this opportunity as they don’t come along that often. Spend it wisely so it’s not wasted and you don’t look back on this with regret. 

Bank Holidays are about getting together, relaxing, time with family, days out and good food so the dream might be a hint to you to be more sociable and enjoy the company of others- especially if you have been in hiding for some time now. Take the opportunity to flex those socialising muscles again. 

Bank Holidays are also synonymous with excess. To dream of one could be your subconscious telling you to take things easy. Being excessive will only make you feel worse in the long run whether that is drinking too much, eating copious amounts of junk food or spending more than your budget allows (to name a few), so be mindful of the consequences. You can have just as good a time if you have everything in moderation. 

The dream could be a sign that you are trying to access or speak to someone and there is something standing in your way. What is this barrier? Is there anything you can do to overcome it? You may have to wait, but there are things you can do to navigate around it. Consider all your options here and think outside the obvious obstruction. 

Along the same vein, perhaps this hurdle isn’t as catastrophic as you first thought. Does whatever it is need to be done now? Or can it be pushed back? It’s possible you have placed more importance on it than it qualifies for. The world will not stop if it doesn’t get done. 

If you are dreading this Bank Holiday because you will be spending time with people you don’t like or doing activities that you despise, perhaps the dream’s purpose is to remind you it’s not for long and that normality will resume very soon. If you are doing these things and seeing these people to benefit someone you love, it’s a small price to pay for keeping the harmony within your relationship.

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