If you were covering something or someone up in your dream, perhaps you are trying to conceal a truth that you are ashamed of in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It's probable you don’t want others to know what you have done lately or how you really feel about something so you are doing your best to pretend that it never happened or that you don’t think a certain way. 

If the thing you were using didn’t quite cover up every part of what you were trying to mask, then maybe you haven’t been careful enough in keeping this a secret. The truth will come out eventually so why delay the inevitable?

If you are hiding from your problems, the dream might be telling you to pull back the covers and to deal with whatever it is you are trying to disguise or forget about. 

Consider the emotions you are feeling at present- what do you want to cover up? Embarrassment? Shame? Hurt? Stupidity? Is this wise, or do you need to tackle these head on rather than letting them get the better of you?

If you were covering up your naked body, perhaps you feel exposed or vulnerable right now. Is someone trying to get personal details from you that you don’t feel comfortable sharing? Have you overshared lately and regret being so open with another person?

To see a bed cover or to snuggle up in one indicates private decisions you have made lately that you know will stay with you or whoever you were in bed with. 

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If there was someone with you- maybe you want to share things with them and only them. Perhaps you feel safe enough with this person to fully open up to them. 

On the flipside, maybe the dream is a snapshot of how life could be if you were less vocal about your personal affairs. It’s possible you would be happier if you kept things closer to your chest. 

To hide under a cover indicates a need to take care yourself- are you in danger right now? If so, it may be in your interest to lay low and stay safe. If there were others with you in the dream, then you may need to take responsibility for their protection too. The threat may be small or it could be more significant but either way you need to take precautions. 

To see a room or a space that is covered in the same pattern or material could mean that you are overwhelmed with too much of something in your waking life. How can you reduce this quantity or can you walk away from it entirely if you feel that is the only solution? 

Finally, a cover that barely veils your modesty is a sign that you need to have a greater respect for your mind and body. You are giving so much of yourself away too freely. Hold back the really important parts for those who really matter. 

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If the clams were being steamed it suggests you need to open up to a professional so someone you trust. It’s possible you have recently shared your thoughts and feelings with someone about a particular issue. If a clam was being prised open perhaps a secret has been revealed or a loyalty has been betrayed. Are you being unnecessarily secretive about something? Do you have a habit of being distant with those whom you care about the most? If you have a tendency to hold people at arm’s length, ask yourself if this is serving you well. Perhaps you need to try a different approach… 

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