If you dream about a closed clam- it implies that you are shut off to others and emotionally cold.

We find out what it means to dream about a clam

We find out what it means to dream about a clam

If the clams were being steamed it suggests you need to open up to a professional so someone you trust. It’s possible you have recently shared your thoughts and feelings with someone about a particular issue.

If a clam was being prised open perhaps a secret has been revealed or a loyalty has been betrayed.

Are you being unnecessarily secretive about something?

Do you have a habit of being distant with those whom you care about the most?

If you have a tendency to hold people at arm’s length, ask yourself if this is serving you well. Perhaps you need to try a different approach.

It’s possible it’s time to open up and say how you really feel. If you have been ‘clamming up’ lately or have found yourself with ‘clammy’ hands from fear of someone or something- how can you overcome this feeling? What is it about them or it that you are afraid of?

A clam, or indeed any shellfish implies that you are a person who’s hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Is it time you showed others your softer side if your self-inflicted defences are driving people away?

To see a clam at the bottom of the ocean is linked to your professional life. Perhaps you are positioning yourself too remotely from your colleagues in your company or workplace.

A giant clam that is surrounded by smaller clams is a positive sign that you will influence people senior to you and they may contact you in the future for your expertise as you are a big player in your field or business.

Clams could be attributed to your stubbornness too. What are you being stubborn over? It might help you to loosen up over these issues.

Source: www.dreammean.com