To dream about a crescent could mean that you feel something is missing in your waking hours- you don’t feel whole right now and it’s g;aringly obvious to those around you and to you.  

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

What could be the cause of this? Do you feel unfulfilled in your career or your relationship? Is there a void that needs to be filled in your personal time with a new and meaningful hobby or is your health and issue at present? Whatever is is lacking, it might be wise to make efforts to plug this gap any way you can. 

Another thought process is that you are in the dark about something. Do you believe someone in your personal or professional life is keeping something from you? All may be revealed to you soon and this information may have been held back with your best interests in mind, however if it’s for the wrong reasons, it may call into question the trust you have for the person withholding it. 

If you were standing in front of a crescent shaped row of houses, it's possible you feel partially protected by someone or something right now. Someone is shielding you from the worst of the storm. Be thankful to them for this, you might not have been able to take on the full hit of whatever it was that was coming your way. 

On the flipside, if you were facing away from the row of houses, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to the elements. Find some cover now or you wont give yourself a fighting chance. Always have a backup plan. 

A crescent moon occurs when you see a fraction of the moon’s day side (or illuminated side) and a fraction of its night side (the side hidden by its own shadow) so to dream of one is representative of endings and beginnings. 

Perhaps something is coming to a close in your waking life and you feel in a bit of a limbo because you aren't quite done but very close to the finish line. 

The dream might be an indicator that something has lived out its natural course- even if you want it to continue, it’s going to end regardless. It may be kinder to accept that there is no more time left on this and to move onto something new. 

If you were sitting on a crescent shaped swing and you felt uncomfortable or unhappy to be there, it’s probable you have unprocessed feelings from your childhood. On the other hand, if you were enjoying swinging on the crescent, you may need to revisit something from your past that brought you great joy and happiness.  

The curve that forms the back of the crescent tapers off to give it its iconic shape, so the dream could be telling you to get to the point of something. If you have skirted around an issue or task for a while now, it may require a decision or some sort of action. You can’t afford to keep this going, it’s outgrown its welcome now.

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