Dreaming about a daughter represents a passive side to your personality.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This may not be who you are all the time, but something has happened to make you feel this way. On the flipside, this may be your go-to setting.

Perhaps you are simply letting things happen in your life right now and accepting things what others do without responding or resisting. You may see this as the easy way out.

Is someone encouraging this in you? It’s possible you feel you have no control or power over these things which is why you are taking such an approach.

Are you giving someone else control or allowing them to have the authority over you? If so- why? You may not need to do this. Perhaps you prefer to let someone else make all the decisions and plans- which is fine, so long as you are both in agreement. If you are not- this may be something that needs addressing.

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The dream might also reflect the feminine side of yourself. Are you embracing this more? Or do you want to?

If you have a daughter in real life- perhaps the dream is mirroring the issue you have with her at present. The dream could be telling you to try and come up with a solution.

If you had a daughter in your dreamscape whom you didn’t recognise- this could be linked to aspects of your own personality that you have not experienced or recognised before. What has brought this about? An event or person perhaps?

If your daughter was evil in the dream, this a manifestation of the perceived evils in yourself. Perhaps you are letting bad habits creep back in or you aren’t being the best version of yourself right now and deep down you know you want to fix this

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Mothers are often associated with unconditional love and affection. It might be that you have shown someone this side of yourself while you have been passing on your knowledge or been a caretaker. If you dream about anger between you and your mum, it's usually a sign that you will encounter conflict within your waking life. If you feel you are on the cusp of an argument with someone at work or at home, this could be why it manifested itself as arguing with your mum. If you are going through a particularly stressful time, this can have an impact on the people whom you most rely on for support. If this is your mum, then perhaps you can foresee some negative emotions coming out around her if you aren't coping with the stress all that well. If your mother was trying to hurt you with words in your dream this could be a reflection of the anxiety you feel about the relationship with you mother ordinarily...

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