To dream about a midwife suggests you yearn to be a parent. 

Credit: Jan Woitas/DPA/PA Images

Credit: Jan Woitas/DPA/PA Images

Perhaps this is a recent realisation or maybe you have been trying for children for some time now. Either way- you are mentally ready to have a child. 

When a midwife tells you you are pregnant in a dream and you aren’t ready for children or don’t want them at all, perhaps you are worried about external pressures to conform to someone else’s ideal. 

It may be time to stand up for yourself and let others know that this isn’t the path you want to go down now and possibly never. 

If you were the midwife in your dream, and you’re not one in your waking hours- it’s possible you spend too much time invested in other people’s business and you need to focus more on your own. 

Explore why you have a keen interest in other people’s lives over yours. What are you trying to avoid in your own life? It may be time to address this rather than depending on other people’s ups and downs for your pleasure and entertainment. 

To call the midwife might refer to an upcoming baby shower or perhaps you are already pregnant and worried about your imminent birth, whatever method you have planned to bring your baby into the world with. Is there something you can do to help ease your anxiety? 

To simply talk to a midwife implies that you are ready for a new beginning. This is not necessarily about having offspring but perhaps you want a change of career, location or relationship. What would you change in your life if you could?

To visit a midwife while pregnant in a dream is a good sign that you have chosen a person wisely to help you in the next stage of your life- in whatever area this refers to. 

On the flipside, if you visited a midwife and you weren’t pregnant and don’t want children, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place or to the wrong person for help. 

Do you need to seek out a professional in your area of need rather than relying on the advice of someone who deems themselves an expert without any qualifications to back it up?

If a midwife visited you at home after the birth of your baby, you may be receiving invaluable support from someone in your waking hours. The dream could be telling you not to take this for granted as their efforts and timing are perfect for what you need right now. Make sure this person knows how much their company and help means to you. Repay the favour if you can. 

On the other hand, if a midwife was neglecting you at any point in your pregnancy, you might be feeling disappointed that someone you thought you could rely on is not playing their part- especially if the help you need is within their area of expertise. 

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An idea, a new job, a project, something creative- perhaps you are ready to bring something new into this world- not necessarily a baby- but something else. You may be reluctant to or think it's a bad idea, but the dream could be telling you to give it a try. If you are not ready to talk about it or act on it- that’s ok- but let the idea percolate. Another thought process is that it refers to the birth of something. Maybe you feel you are growing and developing at a different rate to someone close to you. Perhaps you think you can’t keep up with them. Try to remember that everyone progresses at different rates and to focus on your own achievements rather than comparing yourself to others...

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