To dream about someone calling your name suggests that there is a person trying to get your attention in your waking hours. Consider who was with you in the dream as this might be the very person who needs to talk to you about something important. Give them the time of day. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

If someone was calling you by the wrong name in your dream, it’s possible you feel misunderstood in your life right now. Perhaps you believe people want you to be someone or something you are not. Rather than giving in to their desires, you may need to invest time with people who are willing to accept you as you are. 

To be called names in your dreamscape implies that someone is mocking you in your life at present. Do you need to distance yourself from this person or stand up to them and let them know that their tactic to belittle you is quite frankly unacceptable. 

On the other hand, if you were doing the name calling- it may be time to heal your own wounds before projecting your anger towards others. 

A name might also refer to someone who is famous- so perhaps you are striving for some sort of wider recognition for the work you have done. You want to make a name for yourself- but are you going about it in the right way? If so, carry on as you are- but if not, it may be time to change your approach. 

To change your name in your dream could mean that you are ashamed of who you are and you want to escape the person you have become. Consider your reasons why- can you redeem yourself with the people you have wronged? 

Or do you need a clean slate and to reinvent yourself? It’s possible you are looking to carve a new life by means of a fresh career, a new location, by being with a different person or by making some changes to your appearance. Whatever it is- ask yourself if such a drastic change is really necessary. Perhaps all the effort will be worth it in the long run. 

To hear a nickname from your childhood in your dream indicates a need to resolve or reflect on something from your past. What from years gone by still pricks at the back of your mind even now?

A current nickname might be telling you to have a bit more fun and be playful in your waking hours. Perhaps your go-to is to be serious and you need to loosen up and enjoy yourself once in a while. 

When lots of people are calling your name in a dream, you may be worried that you are spreading yourself too thin lately. Perhaps you are trying to please too many people at once and not all of them are worth your focus. Try to invest time with those who really deserve it and who offer you something in return- not every time, but just enough for your relationship to achieve some sort of balance.

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