As we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we thought it appropriate to explore what it means to dream about a house fit for a queen- a palace. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

To dream about walking around a palace suggests that you have taken on a lot lately- possibly too much for you to handle on your own. If you felt overwhelmed, it may be wise to turn back if you still can. 

However if you saw potential, then maybe this next chapter is well within your capabilities, but it will take time to reach your goal. This is even more accurate if the palace was in disrepair. 

If you felt comfortable in the palatial surroundings perhaps you are grateful for the space you’ve been afforded to clear your mind, which has offered you some thinking time. 

If the palace was filled to the brim with things, you are just about living within your means, but are running dangerously close to getting into some financial trouble. Be careful here. 

To see a cold and dark palace indicates a need for your intervention. Think about the things that and people who could use your help in your waking hours and offer them some warmth and kindness. Perhaps you are the one who feels you are in perpetual darkness right now- what can you do and who can you call on to get out of this situation? 

If your family were living with you in the palace, this means you need to come together and work as a team. Whatever is going on with one of you is too big for this member to handle on their own and they need you all to make this work. 

Parties and get-togethers in palaces are a hint to you to host or attend a social gathering. Perhaps you have hidden yourself away for some time now and you need to work on nurturing your relationships once again. 

To walk around a palace is indicative of inferiority- especially if there were large paintings hanging from the walls of people you know. It's likely you feel small when you’re comparing yourself to others because you haven’t yet reached your potential. If this is the case try not to look outwardly so much and focus on your own achievements and ways you can improve your situation. Distracting yourself with the business of others will only delay your goals. 

An immaculate palace both inside and out means you have nothing left to do in a particular area of your world, you have done as much as you can and it’s time to work on the maintenance side of things or getting your teeth into something new. 

To walk around a place alone could be interpreted as you having too many resources just for one person. Can you share your spoils with someone else? Several people? Perhaps you need to be more generous with what you have rather than keeping it all for yourself.

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