Roses are often thought to represent a love you have for someone in your waking life.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider who means more to you than anyone else in the world- the rose might be a representation of them.

Roses can be linked to passion, sexuality, romance and faithfulness. The dream might reflect how you want someone to act towards you. Do you want a particular person to be passionate with you? Do you want a certain person to feel a sexual desire towards you? Do you crave romance from a special someone?

White roses are thought to be a symbol of virginity and innocence- so perhaps you are ready to embrace true love with someone you care greatly for.

Maybe what you truly desire is a pure, honest love and have struggled to find it thus far. It could be right around the corner.

Consider the colour of the rose in your dreamscape- if it was pink- it’s possible you lust after someone in your waking hours and they are always on your mind.

Have you taken this to the extreme? Perhaps you have an unhealthy obsession with someone, and the dream is urging you to take a step back.

Alternatively, if you were being gifted a rose in your dream- perhaps you have an admirer. If you know who this is- do you want to see where it goes? If not be mindful of the signs that someone is craving your attention.

If you know of someone who has strong feelings for you, but you don’t feel the same- perhaps it’s time to let them know that your affections aren’t reciprocated.

A yellow rose might indicate kindness from neighbours or friends. If someone has shown up unexpectedly and cared for you- the dream could simply be a recognition of this. On the flipside, you may want someone to extend you this courtesy.

If there were rose petals scattered over your bed- you might be afforded an opportunity which changes your life in a significant and unexpected way.

An image of a drooping rose – and you may be experiencing feelings of loss right now. Have you recently ended a relationship or fear that your current relationship is about to break down? Perhaps you have come to realise that you love someone more than they love you and you are trying to accept this imbalance.

If the rose was thorny- is your relationship going through a difficult patch right now? The roughness of the flower stem might be mirroring the perceived danger or problems with your partner at present.

Consider what a rose means to you- perhaps when you think of a rose- you are reminded of a family member who has passed over. Is there a reason why they are suddenly at the forefront of your mind?

Think about the phrase- ‘smell the roses’- do you need to take some time out to relax, enjoy and appreciate the things you have been ignoring lately? Do you need to step away from your busy schedule to appreciate the natural beauty in your life?

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If the flowers were white, you may be feeling sad at present. Why is this? Can you call upon someone to help you through this difficult time? Dead flowers are a negative sign that you will feel disappointment and endure challenging situations in the near future. It might indicate the end of a relationship, especially as flowers are also gestures of love. It’s possible you have let your talents go to waste and you need to discover new ones as an opportunity has passed because of your laid-back attitude. Flowers are also given for achievements, so perhaps you feel that you are due a reward for something in your waking hours...

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