If you dreamed about being sentenced- perhaps you need to take responsibility for something you’ve done in your waking hours.

Image courtesy of Alamy

Image courtesy of Alamy

Do you need to confront an issue or a person in your life rather than burying your head in the sand?

On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are not verbalising your thoughts and feelings enough (if at all) and need to.

If someone else was being sentenced in the dream, it’s possible you feel they need to take responsibility for something they have done.

Think about the severity of the sentence, to add greater meaning to the dream. This might be related to how willing you are to forgive this person if their actions were directed at you. If the sentence was minor then perhaps you can find it within yourself to forget and forgive.

Similarly, the dream could be telling you to forgive yourself for something or alternatively, that you need to think about what you’ve done and make amends where necessary.

If you dreamed about the death sentence- this is related to how long you have to rectify something you have done. Perhaps you need to act quickly.

It’s possible you are working towards a deadline and you haven’t got much time left to finish a project. You may be worried you can’t meet this limit.

If you were being sentenced to prison, this can also mean you have feelings of being held back in your waking hours. Do you think someone else is doing this to you or are you standing in the way of your own progress?

Do you have feelings of loss or failure? If so, this could be why you dreamed about the death sentence. You have lost all hope and need to find it again.

More positively, a sentence written on paper could mean that you feel complete- everything is in its rightful place in your life and you finally feel whole again.

Finally, a death sentence might reflect your fears of the worst possible outcome. You may always think negatively about people and situations so the dream could be urging you to have a little faith that things will be ok in the end. Don’t always fall into the glass is half full mentality.

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