What does it mean to dream about a story?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

To dream about a story implies you want to make others believe that something happened, whether it did or not. 

Perhaps you are someone who likes to spin a yarn and you embellish things to make your stories sound better. The dream could be telling you not to be too liberal with the truth or you will lose people’s trust. 

Perhaps you are conscious about getting your story right in some area of your life at present. It could be vital that you get your facts straight about something because there is a lot riding on them being accurate. 

A story in a dream could be related to people believing you. Perhaps you feel that people don’t think your stories are real and that you are telling lies for your own gain. If this isn’t the case, it might be time to set them straight with proof if you have any. 

Or maybe you need to stop caring whether people believe you or not and get on with life. This concern might be the very thing that is holding you back. 

However if you were liberal with the truth, or made false excuses perhaps it’s time to stop being the boy who cried wolf. 

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It’s possible your reputation means more to you now and you need to spend some time gaining the trust of others again and working on how you project yourself to the world. 

The dream could act as a warning to you not to believe everything you hear. It’s possible you have been told something lately that is hearsay or deliberately been altered in someone’s favour. Don’t take all the information given to you as gospel- sometimes it’s fabricated to suit someone’s argument. 

More simply, if you were reading a story in your dreamscape, perhaps you need to read more fiction. If this is something you enjoy and have not spent any time on lately, it could be that you need to immerse yourself in a good story that’s not your own. 

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If what you were reading was very similar to your own life, you may be looking for insights into your behaviours and your reactions to situations if you are unsure of where they arise from. Consider the type of book, paper or piece you were reading and who wrote it- it’s possible the dream is telling you to seek out some expert advice if the writer was a person of authority. Perhaps you are uninformed or naive about a subject in your life right now and the dream is urging you to read up on it before you make any decisions based on what little you know at present. Reading can also represent an open mindedness. Perhaps you are someone who is genuinely curious about the world and likes to gain as much information as you possibly can...

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