To dream about having a vaccination suggests you are afraid of something taking hold of you. 

Credit:  unreguser/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Credit: unreguser/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

Perhaps you struggle with a vice that threatens to monopolise your every waking thought. You want to become immune to these temptations but you struggle to resist them. Do you need some professional help or to talk to someone you trust about these feelings of a loss of control?

You may believe you are in a dangerous situation at present and want to protect yourself from harm as well as those around you. What do you fear the most right now? Is it a real threat or are you being paranoid? 

Consider who was in the dream with you- maybe you feel that this person or people want to infect you or taint you in some way. If you believe them to be a bad influence, perhaps the most productive thing to do is walk away. This could be your best defence if you feel their behaviour has got out of control. 

If you think you’ve made the wrong choice lately, you may have been dreaming about a vaccine because you want to rid yourself of these bad decisions and the repercussions associated with them. Perhaps you want to cleanse yourself of these memories or reminders of things you regret. 

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The vaccine might represent someone who is offering to take the blame away or relieve you of some of the responsibility- was there someone else with you? 

The dream could be telling you that you can’t permanently avoid future problems but there may be things you can do to help reduce the likelihood of them happening or the impact if they do. 

You might be able to minimise the damage by taking action and putting things in place now. 

If you are worried about an upcoming vaccination, that could be why you dreamed about getting one, especially if you are concerned about the side effects.

Try to see the bigger picture and remember why you have decided to do this now and focus on that as opposed to the potential negatives. 

To see someone you care about getting vaccinated could mean you want to shield them from something. 

Do they need or indeed want your protection or can they fend for themselves? If they refused the vaccine, perhaps they don’t require you to monitor them so closely. 

You may be worrying unnecessarily if their wellbeing is out of your control.

If you were the one refusing the vaccination in your dreamscape, you may be reluctant to accept some help when it is being offered to you so freely. 

Why are you resisting this assistance? It may be well intentioned so take some time to consider the pros and cons of not utilising what is available to you. The opportunity might not be there in the future. 

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