At the moment in the UK, the weather is acting rather chaotic, to say the least. One day snow is falling, the next the roads are clear but rain and wind become fierce. Your dreams may veer towards the weather, but what does this mean? Here are some weather-based dreams you can have, and what they might mean... 

Thunder can be a sign of worry... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Thunder can be a sign of worry... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Stormy weather 

Thunderstorms can often be present within dreams, and are often seen as a symbol for worry or even potentially depression in your daily life. 

It can foretell how you may interact with others in the future, and is letting you know that a worry you have is likely to get bigger. 

What you need to do now is take note of your objectives, and try to keep those in the forefront of your mind in your waking life; don’t let the storm bring down your house, so to speak. 

Thunder and Lightning 

Thunderstorms are often loud and very powerful; in dreams we can hear this deep, rumbling noise, but what does this mean? 

If you heard thunder and saw lightning in your dream then this can infer that you are perhaps facing difficulty in your waking life, and you are well aware of this. Therefore, this dream serves as a reminder that you have issues that need to be dealt with, no matter how difficult. 

However, the brightness of the lightning can mean that you will discover something significant about yourself that may prove useful; to be caught in a thunderstorm suggests that you will become more aware of what is around you. 

Despite the unrest this dream may appear to cause, you may actually find peace afterwards. 

Cloudy weather 

Clouds can be different colours when they overtake the sky, and so the meanings differ dependant on that. White clouds strongly suggest you should prepare for a lovely surprise from a loved one, or it could mean that you will embark on a trip very soon. 

If you dream of black clouds, however, then this can be a warning. Someone you know may become ill, or difficult days are ahead of you. 

Your positive energy and idealism could be represented by white clouds, while your more negative personal characteristics and private thoughts are represented by dark storm clouds. 

Clouds can infer all sorts of things... / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Clouds can infer all sorts of things... / Picture Credit: Unsplash


A tornado is essentially a slim column, this can indicate that the funnel of issues that you have been dealing with are coming to an end. 

This is good news, as only positivity can be left for you after your past turmoil; often called twisters, a tornado in your dream can also signify the twists and spins that you may experience in the near future. 


Dreaming of these powerful and dangerous storms often mean that you are feeling slightly out of control in your waking life, and could also indicate that you are afraid of potential danger, too. 

To dream of being injured by a hurricane is a warning; you should make an effort to focus on what your desires and goals are, which will help you ground yourself. 

Rainy weather 

If you have dreamt of rain falling on you, then this is a very exciting time! Perhaps surprisingly, rain can indicate complete happiness and joy. 

You are highly likely to experience a breakthrough achievement soon, and will feel fulfilled and proud of this – congratulations! 

You seem to be someone who enjoys and appreciates the smaller things in life, but now is the time to dream and celebrate big! 

Rain can be a very good sign... / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Rain can be a very good sign... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Hot weather 

With summer behind us, you may be dreaming of a perfect tropical island; if you are missing the warmer time of year, or are thinking of a recent holiday, then dreaming of hot weather is no surprise. 

This can mean that you are either planning another getaway, or will be once the New Year arrives. If you dream that you yourself are hot, then this is a sign that you feel pressured in your waking life, and are perhaps sweating from the stress. 

Try being a little more open-minded and relaxed if you can, and think about your next exciting trip away! 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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